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Export is the output of goods, products and services beyond the borders of the country of origin, legally. We provide all the export process, from collection of the goods anywhere in the country until the delivery of the goods at their final destination.

Laet Comex



We operate with a solid network of cargo agents, strategically located close to major ports and airports in the world, facilitating the transport of goods purchased abroad. Observed trade, currency and tax regulations prevailing Brazilian law.
We have technological tools that allow integration "full time" monitoring of shipments, as we understand that a highly competitive market is extremely important to get immediate access to information.

Laet Comex Consultoria

Advisory and Consultancy


Technical and administrative direction for all services involving foreign trade operations:
• tariff framework, operational feasibility and cost optimization;
• Consent near the bodies involved in foreign trade transactions;
• Special Customs Regimes, trade agreements and tax incentives;
• Technical Assistance projects in import and export and transfer of technology;
• Implementation and Process Management.


Services offered, among others:

Monitoring of loading, unloading and physical check of goods;
Documentary analysis and interpretation of tax optimization of the procedure and payment of customs duties;
Review Database and Tariff classification of imported products;
Preparation of LI, DI, DTA, RE, SD, B / L, AWB, Invoice, Certificates and many P.LIST;
Compiled Records for Sale (RV), Credit (CR) and the Financial Operations (ROF);
Procurement, administration and low Concession Act "Draw-Back";
Obtaining Import License (LI) Import of used goods;
Getting L.I. subject to the approval of the various Federal Agencies - ANVISA, MAP, PF, DNC, etc..
Bonded Warehouse, Admission / Temporary Export and other special regimes;
Hiring Domestic Transport (road) and International (reservation square);
Request control and return of containers - demurrage;
Election of "EX" tariff, tax exemption and reduction;
Settlement of disputes with the Central Bank, SRF and DECEX;
Monitoring of Administrative Tax Proceedings next to Public Bodies.

Our operations globally

Monitoring shipments at origin and destination;
Transport - Terminal / Manufactures / Harbour;
Customs clearance;
International Maritime, Air and Road;
Cargo consolidation from multiple vendors in the same container;
Follow-up complete the entire operation.

Air freight

Domestic and International Shipping;
Dispatches Emergency, Urgent, Regular;
Worldwide network of agents - Import and Export;
Services Consolidation and Deconsolidation;
Door-to-Door (Courier), Airport to Airport Projects;
Documentation, Clearance, Agriculture Ministry.

Sea Freight

Consolidation and deconsolidation

FCL (Full Container Load)
LCL (Less Than Container Load) / NVOCC
Break Bulk
House to House, Pier to Pier
Regular routes to all continents

Inland freight

FTL (Full Truck Load) Container / trailer.
LTL (Less Than Truck Load) Consolidated Fractional