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The Laet Comex offers consultancy for guidance or conducting trades overseas operations in order to reduce costs, meet legal questions and promote the entry of goods in the countries in the shortest possible time. This activity requires knowledge not only in the customs area, but also the tax, administrative, commercial, maritime and logistics law beyond the necessary professional experience in the relevant practical procedures of import and export in Brazil.

Laet Comex

Sea ​​freight


Our operational area of maritime transport, has highly qualified professionals with international experience and can assist our clients from shipments to the chartering of vessels.

Laet Comex

Air freight


In air freight our partners are solid, which enables us to offer competitive freight rates for all types of goods, with the best schedule for your load.

Laet Comex

Inland freight


We offer inland freight , nationally and internationally through empowered to carry conventional or large cargo transportation partners.